ADHD Treatments

Treatment process

  • Education: Learning about ADHD is a major part of the treatment process. Knowledge can be gained through reading, parent/youth/adult education courses, 1 day workshops , support groups, and 1:1 counselling sessions .
  • Medications: There are a number of different medications used to treat ADHD. The two main categories are the stimulants, which are either Ritalin or Dexedrine base; or the non-stimulants such as Strattera.  Working closely with your health care provider to discuss medication options for yourself or child is imperative. Further information about  Canadian ADHD medication can be accessed through CADDRA & CADDAC
  • Family therapy/individual therapy/counselling: Depending on the situation, some families, couples and individuals require more intensive support and counselling to address the various challenges they encounter. Parenting courses, play therapy, adult strategies, organization strategies , and mindfulness techniques are excellent options for individuals to enhance their potential.
  • Support:
  1. Environmental accommodations/changes for coping and skills acquisition
    • Home- following the positive parenting model; behaviour modification; adapting the environment to fit child’s or adult’s challenges;  sleep, nutrition, & exercise support
    • School/University- Individual Education Plans, Tutors, Learning assistance support, Size of university, number of courses taken
    • Work-ADHD friendly vocations, planners, organization support
    • Personal Management-skills development, coping strategies, organizational systems specific for ADHD, schedule adherence for Activities of Daily Life and reframing negative cognitions (thoughts)
  2. Many individuals and families gain support, insight, and strength in finding out that they are not alone with challenges.  The one day work shops, parenting courses, teen courses, and adult courses are all avenues where individuals can share their challenges and coping strategies in dealing with common ADHD difficulties.

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