Parenting and ADHD

Positive parenting techniques incorporate changing the environment, positive behaviour modification, knowing yourself and your child, and the ability to find support.

Many of our parents come to counselling frustrated and depleted.  ADHD children can be difficult to parent, especially if behaviour habits or traits of oppositionality have become the normal.  It is our role as parents to help nourish and protect our children so that they can reach their potential.  So it is natural to feel depleted when we are floundering to assist them become the amazing kids that we know.  Coupled with this is that many of our parents also have ADHD and struggle to keep consistent and to stay on task, thereby making it difficult to teach their children good coping skills.

A “Bill of rights” in the youth and ADHD section,   is always a good place to start.  It reminds us that our children are constantly walking up an invisible hill.  We often forget and ask of them tasks that they are not yet equipped to handle.  We get frustrated that they cannot hold in mind 3 simple requests; that they went to do the first request, but got distracted along the way.  In our busy world it is easy to forget and get frustrated, especially if our children are constantly late and unprepared

So … take a deep breath, relax, and know … that with humour and patience a parent can assist a child to show their true potential.

On our website are two taped parenting sessions that last about 1 hour each.  These review positive parenting techniques that are helpful.  We also have 6 week parenting programs that have been helpful for our parents.

We also have 6 week parenting programs that have been helpful for our parents, or alternatively many parents come for 1:1 sessions to get assistance.  In the 1:1 sessions we also help children normalize the disorder and give them tips to help skills development.

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