ADHD Lifespan Clinic

The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD) Lifespan Clinic and general counselling is designed to treat children, youth, adults and families in a share care model. In our share care model we help increase coordination of care for yourselves and family by providing individual therapy, education and consultation with child psychiatry, pediatrics, and general practitioners.

A lifespan approach enhances treatment of ADHD, as currently it is difficult for parents, young adults, and adults to seek treatment/diagnosis for ADHD.  Since ADHD is highly co-morbid (exists with other disorders) the treatment must be multi-faceted and individualized.  Our clinicians and consultants have vast experience in the treatment of ADHD, Loss and other mental health disorders.

Services of the Lifespan clinic include:

  • Individual therapeutic counselling for adults, couples, and children
  • Behavioural management (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Didactic Behaviour (DBT), Cognitive Play Behaviour (CBPT)
  • Family therapy, couples therapy, relationship challenges
  • Anxiety and Depression challenges
  • Loss issues with bereavement and divorce
  • ADHD coaching/lifestyle support for youth and adults
  • Play therapy
  • School liaison and assistance
  • Parenting programs and parental education
  • Youth/Teen education and groups
  • Adults groups

Providing quality professional workshops and programs in the area of ADHD

  • Wednesday day 6 week courses for ADHD parenting groups and Adult ADHD groups
  • Thursday evening 6 week courses for parenting groups, adult groups, & teen groups

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ADHD Lifespan Clinic and general counseling

Kerrisdale Office location for Kathleen Rea and Susan Poitras

#370 2025 West 42nd Ave
Vancouver, BC V6M 2B5

Kathleen Rea also has a West Vancouver home office

Phone: 604 889-6578